Ion temperature gradient modes driven soliton and shock by reduction perturbation method for electron-ion magneto-plasma




Ion temperature gradient, soliton, shock, electron-ion plasma, reduction perturbation method, linear and non-linear structures


In our observation, we have used an easy and reliable approach of the reduction perturbation method to obtain the solution of the ion temperature gradient mode driven linear and nonlinear structures of relatively small amplitude. One can use that methodology in the more complex environment of the plasma and can obtain a straightforward approach toward his studies. We have studied different parameter impacts on the linear and nonlinear modes of the ITG by using data from tokamak plasma. Hence, our study is related to the tokamak plasma and one that can apply to the nonlinear electrostatic study of stiller and interstellar regimes where such types of plasma environment occur.


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DOI: 10.53391/mmnsa.2022.01.001

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